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Facebooks Messenger for Windows, it is the official app for instant messaging on Facebook, which allows you to chat with your contacts from your desktop. Last update offers integration with Windows 10 features, including the use of live tiles, chatting with all messenger uvedomleniya.Obiknoveno priyateliFacebook for Windows, allows you to interact with your Facebook contacts. Sharing with Facebook IM is a complete application for Windows 10, it removes the distraction of constant updates and other notifications about yourself when you’re just trying govorite.interfeys Messenger is very clear and it was divided into two separate windows. The first is to contacts, allowing you to see the status and availability, you can add links and search here.

All functions that ochakvaliDrugiyat panel about his conversations active. Here you can manage different conversation or by individuals or groups. Messenger allows you to write text, send pictures, GIF files, label, record and send voice messages and comments. All this is managed through a simple interface simpler young children that everyone should be able thadcuod ovladeyat.Drugoto advantage lies in the fact that he is a Messenger, reports of calls to the desktop and Windows Live 10s tiles.

Join the pre-made platform obshtnostap Facebooks Messenger for instant messaging, which is already filled with all of their friends have formed a prolific social network – which kind of makes it mandatory.

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